Care of the product made of brass.

Brass is a metal alloy consisting of two components - copper and zinc.
Due to certain properties of copper, brass jewelry oxidizes and darkens over time.
But to return the decoration to its former shining appearance will not be difficult for the owner.
We offer you several tips for the care of products:
1. We recommend to store jewelry in closed boxes or caskets.
2. From time to time, jewelry can be wiped with a cloth made of wool or suede.
3. The mattness of the product can be polished using, for example, a napkin for silver.
4. Darkened places of decoration can be cleaned with a small brush using a mixture of salt, flour and vinegar or with toothpaste.
After cleaning, the product must be washed with warm water and wiped thoroughly.
5. Also, for the care of the product made of brass, there are now many cleaning products that are sold in specialized stores.

Wear jewelry with pleasure!

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